Tasting Notes for Sencillo Platinum

by Brent Butterworth

Sencillo is a Spanish word, pronounced "sen-see-yo," and it means simple. Simple pleasure is the inspiration behind Sencillo cigars.

With the Sencillo cigar, Keith K. Park, the same man who created the elegant Prometheus line of cigar accessories and critically acclaimed God of Fire and Angelenos cigars, presents a great everyday smoke. Produced in Danli, Honduras, Sencillo Platinum uses Habano de Jamastran tobacco for the wrapper, filler, and binder, with Piloto Cubano tobacco added to the filler to balance out the flavor. Sencillo Platinum is a puro, made entirely from tobacco grown in Honduras.

All of the Sencillo Platinum cigars exude a rich, spicy flavor; notes of allspice, cinnamon, and even a touch of cayenne dance across the tongue. A slightly sweet undertone tames the spicy taste. The medium-to-full bodied tobacco has the refined, leathery taste that reveals careful fermentation and aging.

Although these flavor notes carry through all of the six Sencillo Platinum sizes, each one offers a subtly different taste.

Robusto (50 x 5 1/4, MSRP $6.95)
: The Robusto has the most pronounced and full-bodied flavor of all the Sencillo Platinum shapes. The spice notes are more intense, yet the cigar remains balanced and never overwhelms the palate.

Double Robusto (52 x 5 3/4, MSRP $7.95)
: The Double Robusto tames the Robusto's taste just slightly - it's a bit lighter, a bit mellower, and smokes a bit cooler. The spicy zest is there, but it's balanced against a stronger taste of leather, and subtle earthy flavors start to enter.

Robusto Gordo 56 (56 x 5, MSRP $7.95): This cigar could be considered something of a Holy Grail of cigars: a blend that is extremely flavorful yet very easy-smoking. When you first light Sencillo Platinum Robusto Gordo 56, it has a peppery kick quite a bit like the best Cuban cigars. But it quickly settles into a richly flavored smoke without bite, reminiscent of the taste of a great Merlot wine. Very soft flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg provide interesting flavor notes for this super-smooth blend.
Short Churchill (48 x 6 1/4, MSRP $7.95): The longest in the Sencillo Platinum line, this cigar has a big, mouth-filling taste and delivers an extremely smooth smoking experience. The flavors of spice are subtle, yet still unmistakable.

Pirámide (54 x 6 1/8, MSRP $8.95)
: The elegant Pirámide is the most visually impressive of all the Sencillo Platinum sizes, and delivers the most intense aroma as well. The smooth, satisfying taste mirrors that of the Toro, with just a bit more of the spicy kick of the Robusto and Double Robusto.
Gigante (60 x 6, MSRP $8.95)
: Those who love big cigars - really big cigars - will find another reason to enjoy Sencillo Platinum: the Gigante. The 60-ring-gauge, 6-inch-long Gigante measures almost an inch in diameter. The Gigante, which may be the most complex of all the Sencillo Platinums, smokes incredibly cool, draws very easily, and delivers a sophisticated mix of flavors and aromas that will keep cigar lovers coming back again and again. The peppery taste of the smaller Sencillo cigars is present for only the first inch or so, soon subsumed in hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and other spices. Further down, one catches the distinctive bittersweet flavor of cocoa powder. The Gigante’s aroma recalls the experience of visiting a Middle Eastern spice merchant - it is fascinating and intricate, filled with too many scents to readily identify. 

Sencillo Platinum Double Robusto by Alisa Berdnik
I have enjoyed cigars for several years now and, over time, discovered my appreciation for a nice, heavy and bold cigar.
Recently, I had the chance to savor a Sencillo Platinum Double Robusto. While bold and rich, this cigar was also quite smooth, delicate and complex. The flavor of the cigar seduced all the senses, producing a carefully choreographed impression upon the taste buds with each draw.
This cigar had a very even burn and a smooth draw, giving me a relaxing and carefree smoke without a constant worry about maintenance. The Sencillo Platinum Double Robusto proved a nice compliment to a glass of Glenmorangie, able to hold its own without letting the flavor of the scotch overpower it.
Most enjoyable was that this cigar maintained the integrity of its flavor to the last draw. There was no harsh finish or muddled flavor. This was definitely an enjoyable smoke that I will surely partake of again.

Sencillo Piramide Review
by Brian Coyne and Jason Zahner, Journal Inquirer

Keep it simple. That’s a strategy, for some a way of life, that is a tried and true formula for success. Prometheus is following that path with its Sencillo line of cigars, and it is again paying off. Sencillo (pronounced “sen-see-yo”) is Spanish for “simple,” and these sticks are the embodiment of the concept, from the understated yet elegant ring to the smooth, unwaveringly consistent taste.

Cigar Stats: Sencillo Platinum is a Honduran puro, blended from Habano de Jamastran tobacco for the filler, binder and wrapper. It is offered in four sizes: Robusto (50×51/4), Double Robusto (52×53/4), Short Churchill (48×61/4), and Pirámide (54×61/8).

Appearance: The chocolate-brown wrapper has some visible veins and is tightly rolled. The Pirámide is an attractive Toro of some heft. Everything about its look says, “Smoke me.”

The Smoke: Sencillo Platinum’s pre-light aroma is low-profile, but that changes when flame hits the tobacco. Then it produces a rich, pleasant aroma that stays throughout the smoke. And that is true of just about every characteristic of the cigar. Its taste is a tad spicy at the start, but it soon morphs into a smooth, somewhat mellow body with hints of cedar that holds its place to the end. Billed as a medium- to full-bodied cigar, we would place it much closer to the medium end of the spectrum. A couple of clips with the cutter produces an easy draw at the start, and another clip at about mid-smoke does the same for the second half.

Verdict: You can probably expect to pay $7 to $9 a stick, depending on the size, and it’s money well spent. This is an ideal smoke for pleasant, warm afternoons on the patio, deck or golf cart, and we all know those days will be here again in due time. We do know that, don’t we?

Sencillo Cigar Review
by Joe Treff

"There is a subtle flavor of nuts as well, and as the cigar goes out, the red hot pepper returns for a final, triumphant run. Though Sencillo may mean simple, the flavor profile is anything but that!"

Keith K. Park is best known for his work with Prometheus, and the infamous God of Fire cigars. Recently, he has released a pair of new blends (Angelenos and Sencillo) that are priced at a much reduced point then the God of Fire lineup. Having tried, and been enamored with, the God of Fire by Don Carlos blend, I was very excited to receive a few samples of the Sencillo blend. Sencillo is spanish for “Simple,” which is where Keith got the inspiration for the blend. He stated that he “hoped this flavorful new blend will encourage you to light up, slow down, and enjoy the moment more often” and really, isn’t that what smoking cigars is supposed to be about? This is a tribute to what cigars are supposed to be about, and it truly is an excellent blend.

For this review, I chose Sencillo Platinum Double Robusto. The wrapper and binder are both habano seed grown in Honduras, and the filler is more of that habano leaf along with some piloto cubano leaf from Honduras as well. This puro cigar has a fantastic look, with the white and silver band with a styalized “S” (that actually comes together to look sort of like two girls’ faces) sets off the nice, red-brown wrapper to make it appear much darker then it actually is. There are a few veins, but otherwise this wrapper is smooth, simple, and beautiful, complete with a triple cap. The prelight draw produces some flavors of spice and leather.

The first thing I found when lighting up the Sencillo Platinum Double Robusto was that it is incredibly spicy. Red pepper, black pepper, and a sort of bell pepper flavor. All of this floated over and around some light leather and strong tobacco flavors, with just a touch of sugary cinnamon for balance. The draw is extremely loose but provides you with a huge mouthful of flavorful smoke, and a surprising amount of power. The finish is packed with leather and espresso, and I was really surprised as to how long the finish was! It was basically like taking another whole puff! For the rest of the third, the Sencillo really brings the spice, leather, and hints of raisins.

The next third brings out some stronger vegetal flavors, like red and green bell peppers, along with floral notes. The real star of the show, flavor-wise, is leather here, though. I’ve never had such a leathery cigar, and I’ve also never had a cigar with a finish like this. You can literally almost taste roses at certain points, which is a new and enjoyable experience for me! The body also mellows out a little, and hits a nice medium-bodied status. The great thing about the Sencillo is that it really coats your mouth with flavor, and not at all smoke. It’s a great example of how a medium-bodied smoke can still be very big on flavor! The end of this third is marked by a leathery core with complex notes of cinnamon, espresso, nutmeg, and floral flavors.

The final third runs right from where the last third left off, with solid leather flavors mixing with a burnt caramel and espresso taste. There is a subtle flavor of nuts as well, and as the cigar goes out, the red hot pepper returns for a final, triumphant run. Though Sencillo may mean simple, the flavor profile is anything but that!

Final Judgment: Excellent cigar. Complex, despite its name, but this wouldn’t be wasted on a newbie; enjoyable in just about any capacity, the Sencillo is a superb cigar at the very reasonable price of $7.95 for the double robusto.

Base Flavors
Leather, caramel, red pepper, flowers, black pepper, espresso.
Honduran Habano
Tobacco Origins
Pairing Recommendations
This would stand up well to coffee or any sort of beer, the stronger the better!
100% yes!
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